2019 Clearance Procedures for Int’l Students of UESTC

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各位毕业生同学(To all graduates)

   1、在两校区图书馆退还借阅的书籍,赔偿损坏或丢失的书籍,提交论文,结清相关的欠费,手续完成后,需要图书馆会盖章或签字;(University library will sign on the form when they finish checking your borrowing records and make sure you owe no fees or books to the libraryMaster and PhD should also submit your thesis to library at the same time and get the other stamp.)

   2、拜访导师,交接教研室钥匙、仪器设备等, 最后请导师签字;(Your supervisor will sign on the form if you have finished all required items of lab)

   3、结清在学院的相关费用,审查毕业资格,需要学院盖章; (Your school will check your graduation qualification last time and stamp for you.)

   4、在国际教育学院办公室结清住宿费、学费,如果你还有欠费,将影响到学位证和毕业证的正常发放;(International office will check your payment records. You can get certificates after you have paid all tuition and accommodation fees. You can find ISO Mr Daniel for this)

   5、在国际教育学院办公室退还学生证,办理完善其他相应的手续;(For student ID card, please go to international office to invalidate and finish the other relevance procedures. You can find ISO Mr Cai for this)

   6、在学校餐厅饭卡充值处,退还饭卡上余额。如果你要继续在电子科技大学学习,请出示下一阶段学习的录取通知书并延长饭卡使用期限;(You can return your canteen card/E-card at the recharging office for balance refund. The graduates who will keep study in UESTC can show the admission letter of next period to card center and get extension. Shahe Campus students pls go to the recharging office behind Fenghua Canteen. New Campus students can go to card center nearby International Master Dorm. You can keep the Card if you want but better do balance refund)

   7、离校前,请先由留学生会的同学检查寝室卫生,不达标者必须先打扫寝室卫生。然后,在宿管阿姨处,点清家具,缴清水电费用,如果有家具丢失或损坏的应当照价赔偿;完成手续后请宿管老师签字;最晚住宿时间714(Please find our Dorm Assistant to check the hygiene of your room, and stamp for youif the hygiene of your room is not qualified, please clean it first. Please go to the dorm office on the day you leave to return your keys/gate card. After checking all furniture, the porter will sign on the form. Deadline for checking out is July 14th.) If you live outside, you can get signature from ISO Mr Cai/Mr Daniel. Phd graduates can live longer to Aug 8th as you may get certificate around 23rd June.

      8、71-10日,学生可以在就读学院领取学位证和毕业证书。(Please go to your School for your certificates when you have finished all procedures and submitted the form)

   9、毕业离校时间为72日至710日,请在居留许可证到期前离境,避免滞留带来不必要麻烦;(To go through the above procedures before July 10th and make sure to exit China before the expiration date of your resident permit)

   10、请持本表到相应部门完成手续,在72日至10日期间交回所在学院。只有在学生办理完本表所涉及的手续后,学校才会发放学位证和毕业证;(To go through the procedures step by step with the form. Only when you finish all the procedures and return the form to Your School can you get your certificates)